What’s Under the Tarp Part 5 – The Brake System

What’s Under the Tarp Part 5 – The Brake System

Keen Parts Yard Find early 1958 Corvette

What’s under the tarp: the Yard Find Story

Proof that nice guys don’t always finish last!

Kevin had always been a “car guy”- collecting and enjoying several classic Chevrolets over the years. In 2014, he learned that the father of a co-worker had an unusual car sitting in the back yard covered by a tarp. The fantastic detail was that the car was a 1958 Corvette stored in the back yard for FORTY YEARS! Despite higher offers- the family (wisely) sold to Kevin. This article is part 5 in the continuing story. Click here to read “The Yard Find Story” from the beginning.

His unique vision for the yard find 1958 Corvette #J58S100317

Kevin realizes that this car has quite a story to tell. His unusual concept for the vehicle is to leave parts of it unrestored- especially the exterior. The Corvette will be cleaned up, and everything will operate correctly because he plans to drive it. It will NOT become a “Trailer Queen.” Our last article covered Kevin’s work on the gas tank and fuel system.

Restoring the brake system

Since this Corvette sat outside for over forty years, Kevin knew that there was much work to be done to make the car safe. The images below document the work completed in restoring the brake system.

Brake disassembly

The brakes after 40 years sitting outside

Another view

Brake being reassembled

Front brake

Front brakes all received new kingpins, bushings, brake hoses and bearings

The original front and rear drums were all resurfaced

The parking brake

Brake and clutch assembly ready to be reassembled

Brake and clutch assembly ready to be re-installed

New master cylinder and parking brake installed

The Emergency Brake

Another View of the Emergency Brake

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