Your Corvette History Part 4- Is your Corvette a STAR?

Your Corvette History Part 4- Is your Corvette a STAR?

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Is your Corvette a Star?

Your Corvette in print- online and off

Did your Corvette ever appear in a publication either in print or online? Congratulations! You will want to locate and purchase a copy. Ebay, marketed as “The World’s Marketplace,” is the best place to find past issues of magazines, out-of-print books, and event programs. Even from decades ago. Click here to visit eBay. Online articles and even entire websites do not last forever. Think of all the Corvette magazines and events that have gone out of business over the years! Print a quality color copy of any online articles or pictures featuring your car before they are deleted.

There is a chance that you can re-discover a deleted article archived on the internet’s “Wayback Machine.” The “Wayback Machine” is a non-profit organization that archives websites- 304,000,000,000 of them (that is 304 BILLION). Enter any valid web address, and you will see snapshots of the site at various points in history. Click this link to visit the Wayback Machine.

If the company is still around, you should send a short email to the person listed as the contact. Don’t make copies and email every person listed on the website. Describe the title and contents of the article and be sure to tell them how much you appreciated seeing your Corvette “in print.” It is very likely that the person on the other end of your email is a “car person” who understands and can help.

Bloomington Gold ProgramAppearing in a program is an honor. Save a copy!

Your Corvette on display at a national event

Was your Corvette worthy of being included in a display at a well-known event? Gather any documentation associated with it. National events use photos, signage, event programs and more. Famous national Corvette shows like Corvettes @ Carlisle and Bloomington Gold also host yearly themed displays and even a “Hall of Fame” for Corvettes. Was your car a “Chip’s Choice” at Corvettes @ Carlisle or maybe even a part of the Bloomington Gold yearly “Special Collections”?

Many of these events publish printed images of your Corvette the year following your award. If you received a Concours ‘d Elegance award from Pebble Beach- your vehicle would be featured in next year’s program. Digital (online) news travels much faster. Most concours and national events will post winners online shortly afterward. Usually within a few weeks. Keep all this in mind when you are trying to track down documentation for your Corvette. It might not be where you think.

A select few Corvettes get to spend time exhibited at a museum. A small percentage of these select few get to call the National Corvette Museum home. Every Corvette fan has visited the National Corvette Museum at least once.

1955 at KeenelandA concours invitation is an honor. Save everything.

Display your Corvette in the National Corvette Museum!

Display YOUR Corvette at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky! The museum is a “living” exhibit space. They are continually searching for new Corvettes because visitors enjoy fresh displays. There are relatively few requirements for the museum to consider exhibiting your car:

  • The Corvette must be in stock/original condition unless it is for a special display of racing or modified cars.
  • You must be a current member of the National Corvette Museum. Click here to join the National Corvette Museum.
  • The Corvette must be at the museum for a minimum of nine to twelve months.
  • You are responsible for transporting your car to and from the museum.
  • You must have a fire, theft, and damage insurance policy while on display.

Click here to download the current car display guidelines. Click here for the online car display form.

Submit the completed Car Display Form to Betty Hardison, the NCM Library and Archives Coordinator. Email Betty at or call (270) 467-8841 (CST) with any questions. You receive a Certificate of Appreciation plaque and a lapel pin if your car is displayed. You can also receive a special decal indicating that it was displayed at the National Corvette Museum.

1955 at National Corvette MuseumIf your car is displayed at the Corvette Museum- save everything!

As always- post any questions, and I will do my best to point you in the right direction!

The next blog article will discuss the importance of restoration and repair receipts in your Corvette’s history.



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