National Corvette Museum circa 1996 Second Anniversary

National Corvette Museum circa 1996 Second Anniversary

The National Corvette Museum: Heart of the Corvette Hobby

Museum Second Anniversary Celebration – circa 1996

Take a stroll through Corvette history with these images from 23 years ago- The National Corvette Museum Second Anniversary Celebration in 1996. The museum was a MUCH smaller place in 1996! No Motorsports Park, grand entrance, restaurant, offices, library, etc….

Please enjoy these images from almost a quarter-century ago!


Natoinal Corvette MuseumThe National Corvette Museum (original) Main Entrance

National Corvette Museum Early outside photo

Special Corvette Parking outside the old Main Entrance


Corvettes on display when the museum opened

The original museum design did not feature an overabundance of display space for Corvettes. Money was very tight in the early years. There were no big corporate contributors and Chevrolet was busy trying to ensure that the Corvette itself continued to be built! It was through mostly determination and some compromises that the museum was even built. These were among the first cars displayed.

Aerovette at National Corvette Museum

The Aero Vette

Aerovette interior at the National Corvette Museum

Aero Vette with the gullwing doors open

Aerovette rear at NCM

The rear-engine Aero Vette

Cerv 1 at the National Corvette Museum

The CERV 1

Cerv 1 Front nose

Nose of the CERV-1

Callaway Sledgehammer

The Callaway Sledgehammer

Slegehammer Engine

Callaway Sledgehammer Engine Bay

Indy 500 Corvette Pace Cars

A line of Indianapolis 500 Corvette Pace Cars- 1995, 1986 and 1978

Jim Perkins driving the 1995 Indy Pave Car

Model of the Chevrolet Corporation President Jim Perkins

PPG Paint Corvette Pace Car

Interior of the PPG Paint Corvette Pace Car

Gary Mortimer original owner 1963 Fuelie

Gary Mortimer’s original owner 1963 Corvette Fuelie

Rear of the Mortimer 1963 Split Window Coupe

The rear of the Mortimer’s 1963 Split Window Coupe

Sal Carbone LT1 ZR1

Sal Carbone’s LT1 ZR1

Sal Carbone's LTi ZR1

The “Shark” body style looks GREAT from all angles!

1978 Indy 500 Pace Car at the NCM

1978 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

ZL1 Display Motor

ZL1 Display Motor


The National Corvette Museum Today

The museum has expanded several times over the past 25 years and is a must-visit for anyone who calls himself or herself a fan of Corvettes. A few years ago, they opened the Motorsports Park only two miles away (but actually just across the highway)! The museum hosts their Anniversary Celebration yearly around Labor Day and includes caravans, The Hall of Fame Induction, Corvette displays, shows, cruises, seminars, a concert, dinners, and on and on…

While in Bowling Green, you must also see the Corvette Assembly Plant which is just north of the Museum. To fully appreciate all that the National Corvette Museum offers, please  visit the National Corvette Museum online at

National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum (new) Main Entrance


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