Why doesn’t every Corvette website look like Keen Parts?

Why doesn’t every Corvette website look like Keen Parts?

Why Corvette Diagrams?

The Keen Parts website is unlike other Corvette sites and it was planned that way. Many years ago, owner Tom Keen and his IT team committed to a website design based on Corvette diagrams. Keen Parts website is comprised of almost 1,100 individual Corvette diagrams! Each diagram averages 25 parts for the total of over 26,000 Corvette parts and accessories that you can purchase from the folks at Keen Parts. Creating and maintaining a diagram-based website is extremely difficult- that’s why no one else does it. We think it makes Keen Parts better. You will think so, too!

Find the Corvette parts you want- FAST!

When you are not sure of the exact part that you need, or the “official” name of the part- our 1,100 diagrams make your life so much easier! It is essential for first-time visitors to KeenParts.com to start by choosing a model year (1953 through 2017) or at least a Corvette generation (C1-C7). The reason should be obvious. It makes sense to drill down to the exact diagram you want instead of combing through 1,099 others! Once you choose a model year or generation, you can either go to our “Categories” to choose between 71 different topics like “Fuel System” or “Brakes” or you can choose the topics on the left side of the screen.

Keen Parts- Way more than “order takers”

If you know what you need- you can always just type the item name (or Keen Part number) directly into the “Search” box. Any questions at all while you are on KeenParts.com? Call our incredibly helpful Keen people at 800.757.5336 six days a week. They are more than order takers- they will listen to your situation and offer advice based on years of experience in the Corvette hobby. Give them a try today!

Keen Parts adds 5,000 C5 Corvette Parts

Who are Keen Parts?

Keen Parts is a leading manufacturer and retailer of Corvette parts and accessories. We have over thirty years of happy customers all over the world and look forward to helping you with all of your Corvette needs. Our catalogs cover more than 26,000 Corvette parts and accessories. Our retail shop and warehouses are located in Cleves, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. We are right off Interstate Highway I-74 and only six minutes from Cincinnati. We stock parts for Corvettes from 1953 to the present. If you own a C1 through C7 Corvette- we have the Corvette parts and accessories that you need!

Business hours

  • Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday 9 am to 3 pm
  • Closed on Sunday to be with our families

Phone / FAX / Email

  • 800.757.KEEN (5336)
  • www.KeenParts.com
  • info@keenparts.com
  • 800.757.5336
  • 513.353.3449 LOCAL PHONE
  • 513.353.3997 FAX

We would love to hear from you!

We are located 10 minutes northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio just south of Interstate Highway I-74

Keen Parts, Inc.

6048 State Route 128

Cleves, Ohio 45002

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