Nice People Finish First! Restore a Corvette and it might be yours someday!

Nice People Finish First! Restore a Corvette and it might be yours someday!

Meet a man so nice that his friend gave him a Corvette!

More proof that “Nice guys don’t always finish last”

Keen Parts Blog readers will surely notice that many of our articles share a common theme. Five earlier articles (and counting) tell the story of “Kevin,” a Keen Parts customer who is restoring a classic 1958 Corvette that sat outside under a tarp for over forty years! Several people wanted to purchase the special car, but the family sold it to Kevin because he was a good guy- NOT because he was the highest bidder.

“Big Dookie” Shannon Poole is a professional drag racer sponsored by Keen Parts. Shannon has over 26,000 online fans, in part, because he gives back. He is the ultimate “good guy”- he is continually hosting fundraisers for friends in need.

Now, we will introduce a gentleman so nice that his friend gave him a beautifully restored 1973 Corvette!

Restore a Corvette well, and it might be yours someday!

It’s a heartwarming story that continues into the upcoming car show season…

Watch for the whole story coming soon in Keen Parts New Blog!

Mark and Sharon Nenichka and their award-winning 1973

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